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Code: K56

K56 Barometer

An Oak Victorian wheel Barometer, This style of Barometer is sometimes known as an onion top Barometer. The top dial is called a hygrometer, a silvered engraved dial with Dry/Damp, then comes the thermometer, this too has engraved scale, with a glass tube filled with spirit for showing the temperature. Next is a convex mirror with ebony surround, sometimes known as a butlers mirror, then comes the Barometer, the large silvered dial, signed. Parker, engraved showing the weather patterns, the cast brass bezel holding a chamfered glass face, the centre indicator showing Rise/Fall. Last is the spirit level engraved with the words Warranted, correct, when this barometer was sold it was guaranteed for 5 years, that's a sign of a good maker, that is the warranted correct. circa 1890. Height 37½ " (95.25cms) .... Price £250.00 Sterling

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Price Avaliable on request

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